Am I in the Wrong Career? 5 Signs It’s Time For a Change

So you think you might be in the wrong career? Here are five signs to help you figure out if it’s time for a change.

1. You’re unhappy

It sounds obvious, but I’m talking about unhappiness that goes beyond not getting along with your colleagues or unsociable work hours. Everybody experiences that kind of unhappiness. The kind of unhappiness that could be a sign it’s time to think of a new career plan is the kind that leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled. The kind where you dread going to work every single day, not just on a Sunday.

2. You’re bored

A fulfilling career will challenge and engage you, and offer opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

On the other hand, a career that’s not right for you will leave you feeling bored and uninspired.

Ask yourself what about the job leaves you feeling bored – is it the routine, mundane tasks? Or do you lack passion for your profession or industry as a whole? If you think it’s just a lull, check out The Muse’s advice for how to become re-inspired and re-engaged.

3. You’re apathetic about what you do

We all have days at work when our heart isn’t quite in it, but if you find yourself constantly on autopilot and don’t feel any investment in what you’re doing, it could be an indication you’re in the wrong career and it’s time for a change.

4. You lack a sense of purpose

Research repeatedly shows that having a sense of purpose about the work we do can help us feel more engaged and boosts our productivity. So, what if you feel like you might be stuck in a job where you’re lacking that kind of fulfillment? Ask yourself two questions. If the answer is no, consider thinking about a new career move:

  • Do you believe in the work you do?
  • Do you believe in your company’s overall mission?
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5. Your core values don’t align with your current career

Our core values represent the beliefs we have about what’s important. They’re not just desirable qualities – they are deeply held and fundamental driving forces. For that reason, core values play a huge part in our career satisfaction and feelings of fulfillment.

If your own personal values don’t match up with the ones of your current career path, you are less likely to find professional fulfillment.

Remember that whilst these signs could be an indication that it’s time for a new career move, you should always ask yourself “why?”. Are they symptoms of a bigger issue, or are you just going through a particularly rough time at work?

We have an upcoming post outlining steps to take if you want to change careers. In the meantime, why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below?


  1. Ryan Smith

    Great piece of content for those who are not happy with what they are doing with their career.

    1. Helen

      Thanks, Ryan!

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