How to use your online brand for career progression

The Internet has fueled a lot of changes in the career progression game. According to research by ExecuNet, 77% of recruiters said that they used search engines to find background data on candidates. Not only that, 35% eliminated a candidate because of what they found online.

Your online presence is your personal brand. When a recruiter looks you up, you want them to see information that will convince them to contact you. In other words, you need to take advantage of the opportunity to impress them before you ever meet them.

So, how can you make your online presence as strong as possible?


1. Remove anything unprofessional

The last thing you is for want potential employers to go on one of your social profiles and see offensive messages or drunk photos. Make sure you keep all of your profiles as professional as possible by:

  • Having a professional profile photo
  • Monitoring tagged photos of yourself closely
  • Customising your privacy settings to prevent all your information being public
  • Not adding job/education details that contradict the information in your CV
  • Not posting personal prejudices or extreme political leanings

This advice applies throughout your employment too. One example is actually a previous employee in one of our old companies. They had a nasty habit of venting via Facebook statuses about their job, which ultimately led to them losing their job. Don’t make the same mistake. Remember that everything you post online may be seen by your boss or somebody at work.


2. Manage your brand well

Treat your online presence as the opportunity to showcase your skills and experience. If you write articles or books, share excerpts of your writing. If you’re a designer or an architect, upload a few examples of your designs. Let your online presence do the talking for you, so that a recruiter will know exactly what to expect from you before they call you in for an interview.

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interview career progression
Career progression is not always easy. There are many factors to consider – career level, industry, working hours, salary requirements… But, giving an accurate profile of yourself gives you the best chance of landing a job that’s right for you.

Creating a profile on Xpo-Online will give recruiters a genuine snapshot of who you are as a person. Xpo goes further than traditional professional platforms. By integrating your personality into your profile, you allow recruiters to assess whether you’d be a good fit into their company culture.


3. Back up your claims

Your personal brand is better trusted when it has third party contributions. To truly sell yourself to potential employers, you need to make sure that you back up what you say about yourself.

The best way to do this is to show your recommendations and endorsements, whether they be colleagues, your team members or previous bosses. Having others confirm your abilities shows credibility.

With your Xpo professional profile, you can display supporting information and get third party endorsements for every skill, personality trait and language that you list. You can also request and receive recommendations for your profile from connections. When a potential employer sees your profile they will have an idea of your capabilities and personality, meaning that you’re more likely to be contacted by companies that are compatible with your values.



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