The one trait you need to be a successful seller

What makes a successful seller?

Is it confidence? Being a good listener? Taking initiative?

There are a handful of traits that are synonymous with sales success, but Colleen Francis says that the key component to being a top performer is persistence.

In her video, Colleen says that successful salespeople are, above all, resilient. They are committed to pushing forward regardless of the situation. They are constantly moving forward, asking questions and following up leads, where other salespeople might give up.

From our experience, we have to agree.

As a salesperson, you often have objections thrown at you. Sometimes even outright rejections.

Resilient people understand that these aren’t personal – it’s just business. Because of this understanding, they won’t give up. Instead, the resilient salesperson will make the customer’s objections specific in order to overcome them. And if that doesn’t work, they come away better prepared for next time.

Top sales achievers have a unique ability to cope with difficulty, to negotiate obstacles, to optimize performance in the face of adversity. They take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next customer.” — Jim Steele, president and chief revenue officer,


What do you think about Colleen’s video? Do you agree that resilience is the most important trait to be a successful salesperson?


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