Not seeing results from advertising on job boards? Here’s why

Attracting the best talent in an increasingly competitive market is not an easy task. Now more than ever, recruiters are challenged when it comes to filling open positions with the top candidates.

Posting to boards can give you access to a large pool of candidates and CVs for your databases. However, it doesn’t always mean you will use them as placements. In fact, job boards are responsible for only 18% of hires. Why is this?


Job boards only target active candidatesThe problem with job boards - only 25% of the workforce are active candidates

The first problem with only posting your vacancies to job boards is that you are only targeting active job seekers.

Active job seekers are candidates who are actively seeking new employment. A LinkedIn study shows that only 25% of the workforce fall into this category. This means you could be missing out on up to three-quarters of the entire workforce.

Active job seekers represent the smallest percentage of the available talent pool. By only targeting such a small percentage, you’re missing out on potential talent who aren’t searching job boards for adverts.


You can’t control who applies to your adverts

The next problem with job boards is that you have no control over the candidates who apply for your vacancies.

You can write the perfect job advert and specify the ideal applicant, but you can’t stop candidates who are unqualified or unsuitable from applying. You’re then left with dozens – if not hundreds – of applications to sift through. Recruiters already spend hours upon hours sourcing and communicating with each candidate. Trying to weed out the top candidates only lengthens the process even further.

So – you are targeting a small fraction of the workplace. On top of that, only a handful of candidates are likely to match the specification you have set out. The chance of you filling a vacancy with the perfect candidate is unlikely.

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What can you do about it?

Start sourcing passive candidates

Hiring managers can extend their reach and include passive candidates to overcome the limitations of job boards.

Passive candidates are candidates who aren’t looking for work, but might be interested in the right vacancy if it came along. Most people might be happy in the job that they’re in, but if the right opportunity knocked, not many would let it pass by.

They may not be actively seeking new employment, but they are actively demonstrating the skills and qualities in your specifications.


How Xpo can help you

Recruiting passive candidates doesn’t need to be time-consuming and costly.

By using Xpo Recruiter Tools, you have easy access to the best talent for the vacancies you need to fill. After posting your free job advert, you can use the Job promotion tool to reach a target audience of candidates – both active and passive. The advanced algorithm Xpo uses matches candidates based on job title and location, as well as skills and personality traits.

Your job adverts are sent directly to the Careers feed of candidates who are a perfect match for your vacancy. This gives your job ads  increased visibility, meaning a greater number of applications from matching candidates.


Xpo was developed for professionals, by professionals. We aim to solve hiring issues that recruiters face on a day-to-day basis, such as building your network with the top talent.


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