How To Create An Effective Job Advert

Bad hires have several negative knock-on effects on a company’s success. In fact, CareerBuilder found that 41% of employers who made a bad hire said that the direct cost was over $25,000, while 24% reported a direct cost of more than $50,000. Not only that, 39% of employers identified loss in productivity as the number one cost of a bad hire, with 33% identifying a lowered employee morale. Every hiring decision you make is riskier than you may realise.

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh once estimated that his own bad hires have cost the company well over $100 million.

Job adverts, however, are your way of finding the right talent to add into your team.  That’s why we’ve put together some advice on creating effective job adverts. The better your job advert is, the higher your chances are of finding the best possible candidate.


Choose an appealing job title

The job title is an often overlooked element of the job advert. But, it shouldn’t be. It’s the first thing a prospective candidate will see, which means it has to truly represent what the role is all about. Take care not to be excessively specific, though. Even if a job role is known within your company as ‘Grade 4 Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst’, you would be better off going with something that a prospect might actually search for.

You have the opportunity to go into more detail in the job description, so keep the title as short and catchy as you can.


Use a clear structure

It’s important to ensure that your job adverts follow a clear structure, and include the key information necessary. Our platform utilises the following structure for our free job adverts, to make sure that your job advert can be as specific as possible:

About the job:
  • Title
  • Job description
  • Benefits of the role
  • Career level e.g. low-level management, senior management, etc.
  • Salary
  • Employment type e.g., full time, part-time, temporary, contract, etc.
  • Location
About the ideal candidate:
  • Desired personality traits e.g. confident, reliable, organised
  • Desired skills e.g. Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD
  • Desired loyalty Minimum time spent working with another company
  • Desired academic level e.g. Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree
  • Desired field(s) of study
  • Desired languages

Be specific

The criteria you set out in your job advert is what a potential candidate will use to decide whether they’re suitable for the role and whether the role is for them. Being overly vague can cause problems down the line. Candidates may feel like they don’t have enough information to apply, which runs the risk of receiving too few applications. On the other hand, you might become inundated with applications simply because your ad wasn’t specific enough.

Be as clear as you can about the type of candidate you’re looking for. Set out your desired skills, languages and education level. Hiring platform like ours even let you go to the extent of specifying the personality traits of the candidate you’re looking for. This will increase the chances of you receiving applications not only from candidates with the right skills and experience, but more importantly candidates who will fit your company culture.

When around 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, you know it’s important to find the right candidate first time around.


Don’t exaggerate

Some recruiters have a bad habit of exaggerating how great a role is. Let’s say your availability is for the role of ‘Administration Assistant’. Don’t overdo it and start calling it ‘the job of a lifetime’. If the role offers an hourly wage, don’t exaggerate the payment terms.

Remember – by exaggerating the role or its benefits, you significantly increase your chances of ending up with very unhappy candidates later on. Unhappy candidates can lead to further negative impacts on your business. For example, 64% of applicants would share negative application experiences with friends and family, and 27% would actively discourage others from applying.


Attract your audience

It’s paramount to remember who you’re targeting with your job advert. If your tone in your job advert is not welcoming, you may end up putting off potential hires. The best mentality to adopt when writing for your audience is to talk to them like a potential partner. Don’t act as though you’re doing them a favour by letting them have the chance to work with you. Instead, showcase your company’s employer brand with your writing. Demonstrate that they will be valued within your company, and you’ll be more likely to attract applicants.



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