How to answer 3 tough job interview questions [VIDEO]

Interviews are designed to assess how well you match the requirements of the job, and they’re a good opportunity for you to determine whether the company and role is right for you, too.

Some questions assess your abilities, whilst others are designed to see how good you are at thinking on your feet. All of them can be difficult to answer when you’re sat in an interview room across the desk from a potential employer. Jeff & Mike from The Interview Guys have great advice to help you prepare for your next interview.


What are your salary requirements?

Typical interview advice leads most people to try to delay talking about salary expectations until a job offer is on the table. It’s always better to have a complete understanding of the role and its responsibilities before entering negotiations, but what happens if your interviewer asks you about it?

The Interview Guys recommend two ways of dealing with this question without alienating HR or coming across as rude.

1. Answer by saying that when you know more about the specific details of the role, you can come to a mutually agreeable figure

Usually, option 1 would be sufficient. But if your interviewer presses you, try number 2:

2. Give them a salary range. Before your interview, use sites like Glassdoor, PayScale and Totaljobs to research average salaries. Look at similar job titles in your area to determine the typical salary range. In your interview you can justify where you think you belong within that range, based on your skills and experience.

Are you a team player, or do you prefer to work alone?

The best answer to this interview question will show that you work well with others, but do some of your best work when you’re left alone. It’s important to strike a balance here – you don’t want to come across as too much of a social butterfly, but you also don’t want to appear as a loner who isn’t effective as part of a group.

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How would you describe yourself?

This is usually the opening question of interviews, and your answer can help you to give a great first impression.

However, there is a wrong way to answer it. Jeff and Mike warn to not fall into the trap of answering with your complete personal history. You should always keep it relevant to the job. Your interviewers probably won’t be interested in your favourite hobbies, but they’re definitely interested in your strengths and successes.

Give an overview of your highest and most recent accomplishments. Talk about the skills you learnt from your last position, or other work experience that’s relevant to the role.

Always remember: if you’re talking about your strengths, always give examples. Don’t just tell them how great you are at something, demonstrate it with a success story.


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