5 ways to improve your employer branding

In today’s competitive market, it isn’t just up to candidates to convince employers to hire them: companies need to sell themselves to candidates, too. Your employer brand is the perceptions that current and potential employees hold about your organisation – and their opinion matters.

With this in mind, we’ve put together five ways you can improve your employer branding today.


1. Create a company culture

A strong company culture is the foundation of any good employer brand. Before you start broadcasting your brand to potential candidates, make sure that your company culture is in-line with your overall values and management style.

Look hard at your employee satisfaction and always practice what you preach. If you’re trying to communicate that your organisation emphasises training and development opportunities, make sure that you actually offer those things. Being authentic is crucial for not only acquiring talent but retaining it, too. New hires are more likely to leave if you make promises that you can’t keep.


2. Tell your employees’ stories

Another way to improve employer branding is by promoting your current employees’ stories. If you’ve successfully created a work environment that people love to work in, you’re sure to have employees who are so excited about their work that they’re happy to tell their story.

People often accept and stay in jobs because they want the chance to work with other great people, so let your top employees tell their stories.


3. Use employer review sites

If you’re looking to refine and develop your employer brand, don’t be afraid to encourage your current employees to share their experience on employer review sites. If you already have a strong work environment with high employee satisfaction, your employees will have a positive perception that they’re likely to share. That way, you can market your employer brand with authenticity.

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Social media for employer branding


4. Get social

Leveraging social media was a huge recruitment trend for 2016, and its use isn’t confined solely to attracting talent. Make use of your social media channels as an employer branding tool – post content that shows off your company culture and values. Use this as a way to interact with potential candidates as well.

If you need some inspiration and ideas about what sort of company content to post, Jibe suggest employee testimonials and day-in-the-life blog posts or videos.


5. Improve your candidate experience

Finally, some people argue that your candidate experience IS your employer brand. Since your brand influences talent acquisition, improving your candidate experience is essential to improve employer branding.

Your candidate experience is everything from your potential candidate’s job search right through to their onboarding experience after being hired.

83% of professionals said that a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role. With this in mind, it has never been more important to make sure you offer a positive experience.

A short job application process is a good start to having a great candidate experience. This stops candidates from becoming bored or disinterested, so they are more likely to complete their application. Make sure that your careers website has a simple format that is straightforward.

Dice offer six more tips and tricks for improving the candidate experience.


Do you have any other tips and ways to improve employer branding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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