4 Hacks To Boost Your Productivity At Work

Productivity at work can sometimes feel more like a myth than a reality. It’s common for everyone to experience these “productivity slumps”. Unfortunately, when you need to get stuff done, these slumps are pretty frustrating. So, how do you overcome these dips in productivity?

These five hacks for increasing your productivity at work will help you to shake off that negative feeling and get back into focus mode.

1. Organise your space

There is truth to the saying: “A tidy desk is a tidy mind.” Stress is inevitable when you’re surrounded by clutter. Removing that clutter is a great start to boosting your productivity at work. Remove potential distractions and you will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. Not only that, but you’ll also become more focused and efficient. If a new file or document lands on your desk, you won’t miss it and you’ll make sure it is dealt with quickly.

What’s more, an organised work space will also free up more of your time. Investing a small amount of time now into organising your desk will end up saving you a lot of time down the line. Instead of wasting time searching through piles of paper to find the information you need, you can use that time more wisely completing projects or preparing for meetings.

productivity at work


2. Prepare for tomorrow

Everyone knows that preparation is key to boosting productivity at work. It’s simple – if you know exactly what you need to get done, you’re much more likely to do it.

But, you can take your preparation to the next level with one simple change. Instead of simply listing your outstanding tasks for the next day, try to sort them based on their importance and urgency. Differentiating between tasks that are urgent and need immediate attention and tasks that are important and can be put off until later is key. You’ll use your time much more wisely and you’ll be more likely to meet your deadlines without last-minute panics.

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Want to rank your tasks by urgency and importance with no extra effort? Try Xpo Task today – the task management tool designed to automatically prioritise your workload for you – and make the most out of your time.


3. Follow the two-minute rule

This is one of the simplest changes you can make to your routine, but it’s almost guaranteed to improve your productivity at work. Put simply, if any tasks land on your desk that you can handle in less than two minutes, complete them there and then. Don’t leave them for another day, because these small tasks tend to build up, fast.

Most of the time, these tasks that we procrastinate aren’t particularly difficult or time-consuming. It’s just that getting started can be difficult. Push yourself to get the smaller jobs out of the way as they come in.  You’ll definitely notice an improvement in your overall productivity levels.



4. Take care of your health

We’re all busy people. Because we have so much to do all the time, our health can quickly drop down the list of priorities. Whatever your excuse may be, whether it’s a lack of time, lack of need (“I only need 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night!”) or whatever else you tell yourself, it’s not a good enough reason to neglect your health.

By spending a bit more time taking care of yourself, you’ll notice a significant improvement in our productivity. Drink more water, get regular exercise and sleep for around 8 hours every night. You’ll be healthier, more energised and much more focused throughout your day.


Share your favourite productivity hacks in the comments below!

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